la Boite Portable Cafe

The cafe culture seems to be one of those things that just keeps on growing. And of course alongside this, we therefore have cafes all trying to do something new and different to make sure they get a slice of the pie. Which is why we were a bit mystified by la Boite when we first saw it.

It is, at first glance, an old trailer. Not much threat to Starbucks and co. However, we were slightly missing the point.

The idea of la Boite (designed for designSTUDIO by Mark Meyer) is that it is portable. The cafe comes to wherever it is needed. During the day, it could sit outside a huge office block, and then it could move to sleepy suburbia for the evenings and weekends.

And what’s more,

La Boite is a green, environmentally sensitive cafe with locally baked goods, sandwiches, and coffee, built from an old shipping container. For the project, DesignSTUDIO used Rainwater HOG’s for greywater collection, biobased spray foam insulation, and Forbo linoleum for the floor and one wall.

So all in all we’re rather impressed. We’re just still not sure we’d have coffee in a trailer.

(source: Architecture4Us via Notcot)


One response to “la Boite Portable Cafe

  1. Does anyone have contact information as to where I could rent one of those portable cafes?

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