Diamond dog collars

A while back we featured a truly bizarre selection of dog kennels, and thought we’d found the ultimate in over-done pet pampering. We were so wrong. “La Collection de Bijoux” has blown those kennels out of the water.

Firstly, there’s this monstrosity, “The Le Jeune Cherie”, inspired by the warmth that young puppies have. The centrepiece is a 3.5 carat heart, with eight more half-carat diamonds around the collar, and another 1,600 adorning the links. And this is a snip at just $378,000.

Of course, eventually your dog will grow up and need an upgrade. For this, you’ve got the simple “L’etoile”  – an ostrich leather collar adorned with 5 1.5 carat diamonds, at just $518,000…

However, this just isn’t enough for some pooches, so for the really picky (especially if your doggy has blue eyes), you’ve got the “Amour de la Mer”, featuring an 8.5 carat sapphire and a further 600 smaller diamonds.

Now at this point we really thought we’d seen it all. However, we’d missed “Bugatti of dog collars”, cunningly named “Amour, Amour”.

Over 1,600 embedded in white gold surround the centrepiece 7-carat brilliant cut diamond, with the rest of the collar (of course) made from crocodile skin.

And this little trinket comes in at just $3,200,000. You’d be barking not to go for it…

(source, If It’s Hip, It’s Here)

P.S. can we also thank our source for introducing us to the concepts of a Danny (Dog Nanny) and Doga (Yoga for dogs).


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