Dream & Fly

Sitting around at airports when you have a long wait is never fun – it seems like one of those things that you just have to put up with. However, once again, it is proved that good design can solve most problems.

Dream & Fly is a set of pods which are to be installed in airports, stations and other similar places. They will be rentable by the hour for people to sleep, rest or work in between flights and they even come in family size.

The pods are apparently inspired by the womb, and are meant to make the occupant feel sheltered from the bustle outside. Each basically contains a bed and a desk. There is also power supply for all your technological needs, as well as a full en suite bathroom.

Okay so these things are far from huge, but we reckon they are pretty clever. Airport hotels are always pretty terrifying and these are a great alternative, especially since their size allows them to be placed actually within terminals. And if this ash thing continues any longer, they’ll need to get these things in place soon…

(source: If it’s hip, it’s here)


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