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Edible Fashion

This has to be one of the stranger combinations we’ve come across.

Fulvio Bonavia is in fact not a fashion designer but a creative photographer who has put together these shots for his series “A Matter of Taste”.

The bad pun aside, this stuff is pretty interesting. We especially liked the belt made from tiny fish, although wouldn’t recommend wearing it…

(source: Design Fetish)


The era of the iPhone

We found this superb infographic over at Mashable and had to post it.

It just doesn’t seem like very long – the advances have been amazing in such a short time… as has our dependence on these things…

The fast lane

Following on from last year’s incredible Piano Stairs, Volkswagen have done it again.

Okay so there’s a hint of repetition here, but we still love the concept of a fast lane on the tube – and bringing some fun to a dull commute has to be good – so we’ll forgive them this time. Especially since the film is brilliant.

(via Notcot)

Incurable Optimism

We try not to do this too often but we’ve just had a campaign break which we really had to blog about.

We’ve been working with our friends at the Motor Neurone Disease Association to produce their 2010 awareness campaign. Motor neurone disease (MND) is incurable, fatal, strikes seemingly at random and is rapidly degenerative, killing half of all sufferers within months. So as causes go, raising awareness (and hopefully funds for research) for this disease is about as good as it gets.

Over the last six months, we’ve been working with one particular MND sufferer, Patrick Joyce, who is an absolute inspiration. Patrick probably has only months to live but is an incurable optimist. He’s determined to paint 100 portraits of incurable optimists before he dies, to raise awareness of the disease. So we’ve built him a website at and helped him get set up on Facebook and Twitter.  On each of these, he talks about his life, his family (including his three kids) and of course his portraits, which are pretty incredible by anyone’s standards – never mind for someone who struggles to use their hands…

And alongside this, we’ve put Patrick on billboards at stations throughout the country and on teaser ads in the Daily Mail.

To find out more or get involved visit his website or watch the short film below which we made at his home in Wells.

Photoshopped furniture

We love this new furniture collection from Sebastian Brajkovic.

Each item is a classic piece of furniture, but upholstered in particularly modern style. It’s a brilliant concept to mix the two, giving the option of elegance and cutting edge design in the same item.

We were fans instantly – and then found out that the designs are in fact inspired by Adobe’s Photoshop. Each image is in fact ‘stretched’, with the pixels from the edges “copied and pasted” across the middle of the items to give those massive blurs.

Which of course makes the contrast with the antique nature of the chairs even better…

(source: ifitshipitshere)

Jimmy Tunes

These have to be just about the most revolting things we’ve ever seen… but no doubt some people absolutely love them.

Yes, they are indeed speakers in the shape of shiny red high heels.

We’d love to tell you more but the source is entirely in Japanese. All we do know is that they have the hilarious name of “Jimmy Tunes” – a pun on designer shoes Jimmy Choos for the less fashion concious out there… truly terrible.

(via Design Fetish)

iPhone 4 advertising

You may have heard that Apple are releasing a new model of the iPhone – the imaginatively named iPhone 4. You wouldn’t think they’d need to advertise, but they are doing – and with some style.

These things have apparently appeared on the Tokyo subway – and have in fact been built in to the ticket gates. Which we think is pretty brilliant – it’d certainly liven up a long commute anyway…

(via TwitPic)