Photoshopped furniture

We love this new furniture collection from Sebastian Brajkovic.

Each item is a classic piece of furniture, but upholstered in particularly modern style. It’s a brilliant concept to mix the two, giving the option of elegance and cutting edge design in the same item.

We were fans instantly – and then found out that the designs are in fact inspired by Adobe’s Photoshop. Each image is in fact ‘stretched’, with the pixels from the edges “copied and pasted” across the middle of the items to give those massive blurs.

Which of course makes the contrast with the antique nature of the chairs even better…

(source: ifitshipitshere)


One response to “Photoshopped furniture

  1. A site named photoshop killer can help you find out Photoshopped images. It uses both the exif info and the content of image to find evidence of digital manipulation.

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