Incurable Optimism

We try not to do this too often but we’ve just had a campaign break which we really had to blog about.

We’ve been working with our friends at the Motor Neurone Disease Association to produce their 2010 awareness campaign. Motor neurone disease (MND) is incurable, fatal, strikes seemingly at random and is rapidly degenerative, killing half of all sufferers within months. So as causes go, raising awareness (and hopefully funds for research) for this disease is about as good as it gets.

Over the last six months, we’ve been working with one particular MND sufferer, Patrick Joyce, who is an absolute inspiration. Patrick probably has only months to live but is an incurable optimist. He’s determined to paint 100 portraits of incurable optimists before he dies, to raise awareness of the disease. So we’ve built him a website at and helped him get set up on Facebook and Twitter.  On each of these, he talks about his life, his family (including his three kids) and of course his portraits, which are pretty incredible by anyone’s standards – never mind for someone who struggles to use their hands…

And alongside this, we’ve put Patrick on billboards at stations throughout the country and on teaser ads in the Daily Mail.

To find out more or get involved visit his website or watch the short film below which we made at his home in Wells.


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