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Hooray for the everyday

We’re possibly just suckers for slow motion, but welove this new video to celebrate the 60th birthday (!!) of the IKEA catalogue…

We also think the concept of celebrating the everyday nature of home life is pretty awesome as well, so good stuff all round…

(source: Notcot)


Table tennis in London

Table tennis (or ping pong, or whiff whaff for the sillier among you) is one of our favourite sports. Probably because of the Baby-sized bats/paddles you need to play the sport. So we’re loving this innovation from the London Olympics 2012 team.

All over London, table tennis tables are popping up. There are 100 in all, and they’ll be there for the next month – completely free of charge. So you can simply wander up and play any time you feel like it.

The idea is to encourage people to take up the game, as the Olympic Committee have resolved to get 1,000,000 more people playing sport by 2012. And Table tennis is the perfect choice as summed up quite brilliantly by our dear Mayor BoJo at the Beijing Olympics closing ceremony:

“There you have, I think, the essential difference between us and the rest of the world. Other nations such as the French looked at the dining table and saw the opportunity to have dinner. We looked at the dining table and saw an opportunity to play whiff whaff.”

And who can argue with that?!

(source: TreeHugger)

Edible glasses

In what has been one of the best British summers for several years, the nation is going crazy for picnics. The problem is, once you’ve been to a couple of them, they all tend to blend in to one. Unless you can find someting funky to spice them up…

These glasses from the lovely The Way We See The World have the rather excellent quality of being totally edible. They are made from agar agar, and come in flavours including lemon-basil, ginger-mint, or rosemary-beet, so you can match the glass to your drink.  We love the idea of Pimms in a ginger-mint glass, for example…

The other brilliant thing about them being edible is that they are of course also completely biodegradable. In fact, they actually aid plant growth. So when you’ve finished (or just when you inevitably break a glass) you can throw it in to the flower bed and feel good about it.

(via ifitshipitshere)

Hot Dog?

We know that Britain is a nation of pet lovers but sometimes people’s love for pets surprises us nonetheless.

This is one of those times. “K99” (K-9 = Canine – get it?) is an ice-cream van dedicated to dogs. Flavours include a delicious sounding “gammon and chicken ice cream, a traditional wafer cone with the ultimate finishing touch – a crunchy canine biscuit bone.” Apparently the temperature and consistency are specially suited to dogs, having being tested extensively…

The van is due to appear for the first time in Regent’s Park on July 24th for the pets & owners Boomerang Party. So if Pedigree Chum just doesn’t cut it for your (spoiled) pooch, then get yourself over there…

(source: Metro)

The new Sydney Opera house?

The 2000 Olympics (and Priscilla Queen of the Desert) have made the Sydney Opera House a symbol of the 20th century. And it is now time for it to pass on the torch.

We stumbled upon this amazing proposal by the architecture firm Ozel Office for the Izmir Opera House in Turkey. And we must say, it’s mind-blowing. They have defined it as “a catalyst that reinforces the relationship between the old city, the new city, the waterfront, and urban culture. In short, our vision is a synergy of spatial, cultural, as well as practical and contextual aesthetics”. Whatever that means.

This all sounds rather obscure to us, but the little diagram helped us figure out what they actually mean by their architectural gibberish: building around and covering the existing tower and amphitheatre to create a sense of unity and continuity between the different aspects of the landscape. Or something like that. We reckon they have done a pretty good job at it, and who knows, we might get to see it as the symbol of the 2040 Olympics?

(source: ArchDaily)

Mobile office for the itinerant businessman

We love a bit of quirky design here at Baby, and this mobile office from Tim Vinke certainly fulfils that brief…

Vinke has managed to turn a whole office—and this includes desk, chairs, shelves and bin—into a very playful item. On top of that, we all know how painful and time consuming moving offices can be, and this seems to simplify the whole business.

Once all fitted together, this really doesn’t take up much space, and with the wheels and handles, carrying the whole thing turns into a piece of cake. What we don’t like though is the polystyrene. It might be light, but pretty much unrecyclable at the moment. Plus we doubt it is that comfortable, but it does tend to make funny squeaky noises…

And we don’t really see how this could be truly useful: who would need to walk around with their whole office in their hands? But we must admit, the concept is still pretty cool, and if Tim Vinke comes up with a recyclable version, we will be ordering them by the dozen…

(source: Zeutch)

USB wedding ring

It is in some ways quite difficult to get a wedding ring that is personal to you – most of them look pretty similar, after all.  Having said that, we’re not sure we’d go this far to get it personalised.

This creation was given by the wife-to-be of a Microsoft game developer to celebrate his love of all things computer. The USB stick is sadly not functional, but as a design it’s pretty spot on.

The inscription around the inside reads “For a lifetime of memories”. We’re sure you get the pun – words fail us.

(via Design Fetish)