Inflatable pool

If you’ve got a good sized boat and a fear of jellyfish then we’ve got the perfect product for you.

The ‘Magic Pool’ is an inflatable pool which can be attached to the back of most yachts for you to swim around in. For those who don’t like the idea of fish nibbling at your toes or jellyfish ending up in unpleasant places, this allows you to swim without fear… in a very small rectangle.

However, much as we realise this is just a glorified (and probably overpriced) paddling pool, we secretly think this is brilliant. This allows you to create your own little patch of sea (complete with comfy borders to recline against) – and keeps everything else out. And it can drag you along behind the boat without you having to swim.

We also reckon you could have a lot of fun with this at high speed in a storm in the middle of the ocean…

(source: Design Fetish)


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