Mobile office for the itinerant businessman

We love a bit of quirky design here at Baby, and this mobile office from Tim Vinke certainly fulfils that brief…

Vinke has managed to turn a whole office—and this includes desk, chairs, shelves and bin—into a very playful item. On top of that, we all know how painful and time consuming moving offices can be, and this seems to simplify the whole business.

Once all fitted together, this really doesn’t take up much space, and with the wheels and handles, carrying the whole thing turns into a piece of cake. What we don’t like though is the polystyrene. It might be light, but pretty much unrecyclable at the moment. Plus we doubt it is that comfortable, but it does tend to make funny squeaky noises…

And we don’t really see how this could be truly useful: who would need to walk around with their whole office in their hands? But we must admit, the concept is still pretty cool, and if Tim Vinke comes up with a recyclable version, we will be ordering them by the dozen…

(source: Zeutch)


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