The new Sydney Opera house?

The 2000 Olympics (and Priscilla Queen of the Desert) have made the Sydney Opera House a symbol of the 20th century. And it is now time for it to pass on the torch.

We stumbled upon this amazing proposal by the architecture firm Ozel Office for the Izmir Opera House in Turkey. And we must say, it’s mind-blowing. They have defined it as “a catalyst that reinforces the relationship between the old city, the new city, the waterfront, and urban culture. In short, our vision is a synergy of spatial, cultural, as well as practical and contextual aesthetics”. Whatever that means.

This all sounds rather obscure to us, but the little diagram helped us figure out what they actually mean by their architectural gibberish: building around and covering the existing tower and amphitheatre to create a sense of unity and continuity between the different aspects of the landscape. Or something like that. We reckon they have done a pretty good job at it, and who knows, we might get to see it as the symbol of the 2040 Olympics?

(source: ArchDaily)


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