Protect the environment with good buccal hygiene

There are now so many big and little ways to protect our dear planet, and let’s be honest, it can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. There’s recycling, using public transports or feet rather than driving, limiting wastes in about everything, solar panels, insulating houses properly, and so many more… Easy to get lost!

It seems that the way forward lies in the tooth brushing industry though. Surprising?

The first step, unfortunately often ignored, is by saving water. While you’re scrubbing your teeth clean and healthy, just turn off the tap. It’s as easily said as done, and as wisely said by Tesco: “Every little helps!”

There’s also a market for all the materialists concerned with ecology and their teeth, if such people exist. There’s the green toothpaste, which is all natural. We’re just a bit sceptical regarding the packaging, it’s not really clear if the whole thing is recyclable. If not, well… Not that green right? There’s also the eco-friendly toothbrushes, made of recycled wood and with replaceable heads, some that squeeze the paste towards the front of the tube, limiting waste and avoiding silly dispute over squeezing techniques (we’ve all been there), or some that shoot water in your mouth while rinsing them. Clever right? We just hope the last one doesn’t require too much precision and coordination. Let’s face it, most people lack such qualities in the morning.

Finally, who doesn’t like a good gadget? Here is a super duper toothbrush, solar-powered and toothpaste-free! In a few months, someone will probably top that by inventing a solar-powered, toothpaste-and-rinsing-free toothbrush, or something along those lines.

As said before, overwhelming, and let’s be honest, often a bit ridiculous. Now that the green market has picked up, everyone is having a go at it by coming up with the most random ideas. But let’s not complain too much, if it’s going to make people go green, what’s the harm?

(Source: Tree Hunter here, here, here and here)


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