“Remember, destinations are overrated”

Volkswagen’s latest campaign in Canada is based on the lost concept of the Sunday drive: taking your car and driving aimlessly for pleasure.

You might think it’s cruel of us to talk about the week end on a monday afternoon when it all seems so far away, but we have a good reason. Part of their campaign includes a micro-site that allows you to design your own Sunday drive: the interface allows you to change and mix the scenery and the music to give you a taste of the week end. Monday doesn’t look so grim now, right?

That we like. The real thing? Not so much. Don’t you think it’s a bit silly to advertise such thing as aimless driving in those times of climate change and recession? This is definitely not an eco-friendly and cheap activity. Sure it can probably be an enjoyable experience, especially in this amazingly beautiful country that is Canada (we wouldn’t do it in London, would we?), but the virtual version is much better.

So if you fancy going for a virtual aimless drive, click here, sit back and relax, but make sure your boss in not standing right behind you.


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