The latest ‘thrilling’ developments in robotics

A few decades back, we all thought the 21st century would be filled with flying cars and robots. And by the end of the 90s, we all realised the world would not look like in  the 5th element anytime soon. But let’s not lose hope, we are slowly but surely getting there.

We’ve all heard about the flying car. It might be a bit pricey but give it a couple of decades and everyone will be flying to work.

We now also have our fair share of robots, although most of them are pretty pointless. The last in date is a robot fish. We don’t really know who would want such a thing or why, as real fish probably are 1. cheaper, 2. easier to care for, 3. more ‘entertaining’. And let’s face it, fishes are quite boring. But at least they are alive.

There’s also this creepy insect-like robot, called Phasma. It is the first robot to move that quickly and eagerly, a cause for excitement in the scientific field, but it’s more likely to give the creeps to the rest of us. It moves just like a spider trying to escape the hit of a shoe… It’s would definitely cause terror rather than awe in a public environment. Let’s just hope it will never turn against us.

(Source: Trendhunter and Ubergizmo)


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