Mosquito killer radio

This campaign amazes us for two reasons.

First of all, this is a brilliant product! This radio station, Magic FM, uses a special frequency that kills mosquitoes. So goodbye hunting them down with horribly smelly insecticides. Hello to peace of mind, knowing you can enjoy some tunes without a ‘zzzzzz’ ruining it for you.

The campaign itself is also pretty cool. It’s simple and easy on the eye. And the conversation between the mosquito and the radio, using references to some classic songs is clever and amusing.

Unfortunately for us, this is a Romanian station. And we’re not really sure it works online. Their website, where it explains it all, is in Romanian, so it’s all gibberish to us. And it only works on mosquitoes. What about all those others flying and crawling creatures?

(Source: Ads of the World)


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