Dirty water vending machine in New York

We’ve just come across UNICEF’s Dirty Water campaign and we like their thinking. We’re a bit late on that, as it was done last month in New York, but better late than never right?

With charity being such a brutally competitive advertising sector, it is
welcome relief to see something that literally stops you in your tracks.

Instead of the typical billboard portraying a poor African kid drinking dirty water, they have packaged the water, loaded a vending machine with it, and installed it in the middle of Manhattan. For $1, New Yorkers could purchase one of the 8 flavours on offer, including malaria, cholera, hepatitis and yellow fever, which would provide a child with 40 days of drinkable water.

And for the ones who didn’t have change or didn’t fancy carrying a bottle of infected water, they could just text the number on the machine to donate money.

We think it’s a very inspiring initiative, as rather than playing on feelings of pity and guilt, it engages the public, confronting them with the reality of living in a third world country. And it was very successful! It’s all part of their Tap Project, which also includes World Water Week where participating restaurants charge $1 for tap water that you would normally get for free.

Check out the video below for people’s reaction.

(Source: Zeutch and PSFK)


3 responses to “Dirty water vending machine in New York

  1. Searching for this for some time now – i guess luck is far more advanced than look for engines 🙂

  2. Very nice, but they should do such campaigns more regularly

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