Arcade Fire’s interactive music video

We have pretty much fallen in love with Arcade Fire’s new music video for The Wilderness Downtown. Well, we say music video, it’s actually no traditional one. They’ve hopped on the digital bandwagon by producing an interactive video. Not only is it ingenious, it’s also beautiful to watch. And let’s not forget the song itself, which is amazing too.

When you get on the website, you’re first asked to download Google Chrome. We sense a very subtle sponsorship there. That unfortunately takes a bit of the charm away. Next step is to enter the address of the house you grew up in, as parts of the video use Google Street View and satellite view.

It then launches the video. Without revealing too much, first because it would probably sound a bit rubbish, and also because it would take all the fun away, the experience is made of several windows which move around, showing different sort of footages, some based on the information entered, other probably common to everyone.

At the end, you can also write a postcard to the past you, where you can draw and write, with a ‘tree’-like font. Very pretty indeed.

To create your own music video, just click on this link, and follow the instructions. Prepare to be blown away.


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