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Axa’s amazing hybrid advert for iPhone app’

Smartphone applications are such an easy way to keep in touch with customers, improve service, and of course boost a brand’s popularity! So everyone is hopping on the application bandwagon, even insurance companies.

To launch their Belgian iPhone application, Axa decided not to do things in half and to make full use of the iPhone’s potential: a good way to maximise the impact of the campaign, while targeting the right audience.

The ad is a hybrid: half print, half app’, which is something that we believe hasn’t been done to date.  Right in the middle of the picture is an iPhone-shaped blank space, hiding the cause of what looks like some sort of a commotion. But to find out exactly what happened, one needs to place his/her device and follow the link given, which literally fills up the blank! See for yourself:

We think it is genius and quite exciting, especially for an insurance company!

(Source: Zeutch)


The business card that glides

Business cards are one of those things where you can get creative, but only to a certain extent. How wild can you go with a little card? Funky designs, shapes and colours, but at the end of the day, it will always be a business card.

Not for Norburn Model Aircraft Supply, a company that specialises in model and radio controlled aircrafts. Their business cards are printed on balsa wood, in which 3 shapes have been pre-cut that you can asemble into a small glider. The details are still readable, an important detail as it’s initially a business card, but it’s also rather entertaining.  Check out the video, it does fly pretty well! We could see ourselves spending ours  in the office throwing that thing around.

This is a pretty damn good but simple way to advertise yourself we think!

(Source: AdGoodness)

BlackBerry PlayBook

We don’t really get the current tablet frenzy. We see iPads everywhere, and yes, they do look pretty good, but what’s wrong with a good old laptop or notebook? Some of them are just about the same size…

But entering the market soon is BlackBerry with their PlayBook, and well… to compete with the iPad, better have something good in stock, right? Good thing is, it looks like they do.

Not only is it the first professional tablet, but it’s also the fastest one to date, and features an HDMI port, a good news for all the game lovers out there, as it means a higher-quality and more immersive platform.

For the Blackberry afficionados, gaming is probably not the principal need this tablet will have to satisfy, but not to worry, BlackBerry didn’t lose their ‘professional’ mojo. The device allows multi-tasking, plenty of applications, and all the traditional goodies BlackBerry devices offer. It also has 2 cameras (one at the front, one at the back) which allow for conference calls between BlackBerry devices: making it an improved version of BlackBerry Messenger.

And as for its look? Well, it pretty much resembles all the other tablets on the market: it’s black and square.

(Source: TheCoolist)

The Sirivong’s amazing breakfasts

It seems that the possibilities for customising breakfast in bed are rather limited. We can only really think about putting together your loved one’s favourite foods, and adding a flower. A bit boring right? Especially after hearing about Shirley’s amazing breakfasts.

Shirley’s pregnancy came with plenty of complications, forcing her to bed rest and a very strict diet. We all know about pregnant women’s cravings, and we’re sure that a breakfast made of egg whites, wheat bread, peanut butter and a few fruits and veggies will never be one. And Shirley was stuck with that.

However, she was lucky to have such a loving and creative husband. Any good chef will tell you that presentation is about as important as the food itself. Considering that Gat, Shirley’s husband, couldn’t change the dull ingredients, he decided to have a bit of fun with the presentation. And the result is amazing!

Apparently, it all started with funny faces out of eggs and toasts, but he quickly began to elaborate the scenes more and more. It all turned into the exciting adventures of the egg characters around the world: snowboarding, kung-fu fighting, the Olympics, snorkelling, parachuting, or even a tribute to the ‘Angry Birds’ iPod/iPad’s game.

We are gob-smacked at the details and creativity behind every breakfast, each telling a story about the little egg chaps. And it’s definitely helped Shirley through her difficult pregnancy!

You can view all 19 breakfasts here.

(Source: Neatorama)

The Solaris Sun Shading System

We’ve just come across something amazing! We can’t believe no-one ever thought of it before.

The Solaris Sun Shading System is no traditional sunshade: it is multi-functional, looks great, and it is eco-friendly, and that, we particularly like.

The umbrella is made of solar panels, using the light it shields you from to generate energy. It features 3 power sockets, rechargeable battery pack, and a power indicator. Workaholics and geeks will no longer be stuck indoors during summer holidays.

We also love the way it looks, we all know that solar panels are not always very appealing to the eye. And well… it protects the environment. For once, we don’t even have one little negative comment to add.

It just makes us a bit sad as we so wished summer was back!

(Source: My Modern Met)

The appliances of the future

Electrolux Design Lab held a competition, asking 1,300 industrial designers to come up with the electrical appliances of the future. On the brief, they stated that by 2050, a person, on average, would only have 35.2 square meters to occupy. Let’s face it,  that’s not a lot of space. It scares us a little bit. So the appliance had to be designed not only to be uber high-tech and potentially eco-friendly, but also to be very small.

Here are a few of our favourite ones:

Michael Edenius’ Clean Closet

Not only does it easily store and browse your clothes, it also cleans them using molecular technology. This is the end of water wastes and polluting detergent, hooray! We’re just a bit concerned about its size. It is definitely not taking much space, conforming to the requirements of the brief. But that also means that it doesn’t leave much space for the clothes themselves!

Matthew Gilbride’s Kitchen Elements

It’s an all in one kitchen, literally. These shelves are simply magical. They work as a fridge, a cooker, and… well, shelves. The best part? No doors and no wires, and they could even be solar powered. The whole white and minimal look will definitely appeal to the Apple fans.

Nicolas Hubert – External Refrigerator

At first view, it doesn’t really look like it would save any space. It’s pretty much the same size as current fridges. But it’s actually meant to be fixed outside a window. The sliding door makes it easy to access. It’s also good because it means at winter, it won’t need to run on power, and during summer, the heat generated can just draft away.

Ahi Andy Mohsen’s Eco Celaner – portable Dishwasher

It is, for sure, very portable. But most importantly, just like the Clean Closet, it is water-free, as it uses ultrasonic waves. What’s even better, it turns the food into reusable waste. Eco-friendly. Period.

We are so impressed by the ideas that have come out of this competition. Especially as we like when people focus on more than just looks, which tends to be the case far too often at the moment. Check out the other finalists on the website: there’s a virtual kitchen, a gooey fridge, a micro induction heater and a very strange washing machine.

(Source: Wired)

Stuart Haygarth and Zieta Process at the London Design Festival

After the robots invasion in Trafalgar Square, which we blogged about 2 days ago, the London Design Festival is gracing us with more exciting installations. We have come across two that we particularly like at the Victoria & Albert Museum.

First, there is Stuart Haygarth’s redesign of one of the museum’s marble staircases. His work consists in recycling banal objects that he finds (eye glasses, mirrors, debris), to then turn them into something completely different from their original function, but, more importantly, into something beautiful.

In this case, he used over 100 parts of picture frames that have been discarded, that he cut and arranged so as to perfectly mould the stairs, leaving a path in the middle for visitors. And we absolutely love how it looks, especially because it gives so much perspective to the stairs.

The other installation, called Blow and Roll, is in the pond of the museum, where Polish designers Zieta Process have set up a metal structure. Think it sounds pretty generic? Well, think again.

They have rolled several tubes made of steel which are each fixed on a set of wheels. The tubes were then inflated, leading them to unfold. Just like blowouts.

And by reflecting the whole structure, the water in the pond gives even more perspective to the structure.

We actually had to see the video to understand how it all worked.


We simply cannot wait for the week end to check out both installations, as well as all the other events at the Victoria & Albert Museum.

(Source: Tree Hugger)