Playhouse by Aboday

Indonesian architects Aboday have designed the bestest house in the whole world. Its main asset is a slide that connects the kid’s bedroom on the second floor, to the kitchen downstairs.

We think the concept is brillant, and are a bit jealous we didn’t get to grow up in a house just like that. On top of that, the house is beautiful. The architects have played on texture rather than colour, by keeping the concrete bare, but working it differently so that there are nuances in the grains, and it’s very luminous.

The slide makes it obvious that the house is designed with a kid in mind, but we think it looks like it would need a lot of babyproofing. The stairs definitely look dangerous: they seem pretty sharp, and there’s no banister to prevent falls. And all that concrete is pretty, but would probably results in plenty of bumps and bruises.

But all in all, this house is still pretty ace, and we might be grown ups but we would definitely make full use of the slide if we lived there.

(Source: Dezeen)


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