Ikea’s Happy Inside

This Ikea commercial is simply adorable. A hundred cats were let loose for the night in the Wembley store.

This was a quite an audacious experiment. A hundred cats can probably do a lot of damage, and it probably wasn’t a piece of cake to control them. And what about chasing each and every one of them to make sure the store is cat-free in the morning?

But the final result is just dazzling. The concept is great, and the ad is beautifully made. We think the shots are amazing, but it’s obviously only a minute out of a whole night of cat fun (or not?). The cats look so playful and comfy, making us wish we were one of them.

We never thought Ikea stores looked particularly homey, as hard as they try, but this commercial definitely changed that. Well, at least until we set foot in one of them again. We say this is a success for the brand!

(Source: Trend Hunter)


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