First ever Sonic Toolkit for a charity

You’ve probably noticed that here at Baby, we don’t really like to brag about ourselves. We’re modest like that. But from time to time, it does no harm to  blow our own trumpet, like now when we’re proud to launch the world’s first ever sonic  brand toolkit created for a charity.

As their lead creative agency we have been working with Action for Children for a while now, and  as such have developed their new brand and all their of brand advertising.

A brand you see, is like a person. It has personality, it has looks and style, it has tone of voice, and sonority. And all of that has to stay coherent and consistent so that it can be recognised easily, and communicates efficiently.

So we had to ensure that their audio identity, the voice of the brand, reflected its essence and soul. This identity is obviously conveyed through the ads, but what about those other myriad of opportunities that exist in audio terms such as the phone call-waiting system, or special events and presentations?

Radium Audio, our sound design company partner, composed the music for the Action for Children TV ads, so it was only logical to ask them to develop an entire sonic brand identity – have a watch/listen to the results.

The Making Of

Listen to the Toolkit


2 responses to “First ever Sonic Toolkit for a charity

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  2. By the way chaps, that presentation you plagiarised was the subject of a copyright. 🙂

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