Hijabism: a guerilla against advertising

Here at Baby Creative, we like a bit of street art, and we’ve just stumbled upon Princess Hijab’s work.

She is a complete mystery, as pretty much nothing is known of her apart from her work. She has started the Hijabist movement: a guerrilla against advertising, she describes it as ‘visual terrorism’.

Contrary to what we initially thought, it has nothing to do with Islam or the veil controversy. She is not even Muslim. But by drawing veils over models on billboards, she denounces the effect of commodification and consumerism on representations of the human body:

My work explores how something as intimate as the human body has become as distant as a message from your corporate sponsor.

We can’t really say too much about that, we’re an advertising agency after all. But we find her work very interesting, and it looks pretty cool.

Here’s a very short documentary about her, where you can see her drawing on billboards and roaming through the tunnels of the Parisian metro. And not only is it interesting, but also very well filmed. The shots are seriously beautiful.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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