Seventh Movement’s Paris sessions

Paris is definitely one of the most beautiful cities in the world. We love the architecture. And that’s what motivated Thomas McCallum and Vincent Guglielmina, of San Francisco studio The Seventh Movement, to shoot as much as they could of Paris over a week.

Their logic was “Why take one when you can take one-thousand”. They literally didn’t stop, even falling asleep while taking pictures.

They filled the gigantic hard drive they took with them, a whole terabyte, and had to buy another one. We can’t even imagine the amount of pictures they left with, it’s giving us a headache just trying to visualise the files on their hard-drive.

They decided afterwards to use the pictures for time lapses. It was, realistically, the only thing they could do with the thousands and thousands of pictures they took.

They initially edited them in 150 clips, which they then compiled into 4 volumes. Which have then be put into one montage. And damn! It looks stunning.

We are so impressed by what they have achieved, especially considering the mountain of pictures they edited. That’s what we call dedication.

Here is the final movie, but you can watch each volume on their website.


(Source: Creative Review)


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