Stuart Haygarth and Zieta Process at the London Design Festival

After the robots invasion in Trafalgar Square, which we blogged about 2 days ago, the London Design Festival is gracing us with more exciting installations. We have come across two that we particularly like at the Victoria & Albert Museum.

First, there is Stuart Haygarth’s redesign of one of the museum’s marble staircases. His work consists in recycling banal objects that he finds (eye glasses, mirrors, debris), to then turn them into something completely different from their original function, but, more importantly, into something beautiful.

In this case, he used over 100 parts of picture frames that have been discarded, that he cut and arranged so as to perfectly mould the stairs, leaving a path in the middle for visitors. And we absolutely love how it looks, especially because it gives so much perspective to the stairs.

The other installation, called Blow and Roll, is in the pond of the museum, where Polish designers Zieta Process have set up a metal structure. Think it sounds pretty generic? Well, think again.

They have rolled several tubes made of steel which are each fixed on a set of wheels. The tubes were then inflated, leading them to unfold. Just like blowouts.

And by reflecting the whole structure, the water in the pond gives even more perspective to the structure.

We actually had to see the video to understand how it all worked.


We simply cannot wait for the week end to check out both installations, as well as all the other events at the Victoria & Albert Museum.

(Source: Tree Hugger)


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