The Solaris Sun Shading System

We’ve just come across something amazing! We can’t believe no-one ever thought of it before.

The Solaris Sun Shading System is no traditional sunshade: it is multi-functional, looks great, and it is eco-friendly, and that, we particularly like.

The umbrella is made of solar panels, using the light it shields you from to generate energy. It features 3 power sockets, rechargeable battery pack, and a power indicator. Workaholics and geeks will no longer be stuck indoors during summer holidays.

We also love the way it looks, we all know that solar panels are not always very appealing to the eye. And well… it protects the environment. For once, we don’t even have one little negative comment to add.

It just makes us a bit sad as we so wished summer was back!

(Source: My Modern Met)


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