The Sirivong’s amazing breakfasts

It seems that the possibilities for customising breakfast in bed are rather limited. We can only really think about putting together your loved one’s favourite foods, and adding a flower. A bit boring right? Especially after hearing about Shirley’s amazing breakfasts.

Shirley’s pregnancy came with plenty of complications, forcing her to bed rest and a very strict diet. We all know about pregnant women’s cravings, and we’re sure that a breakfast made of egg whites, wheat bread, peanut butter and a few fruits and veggies will never be one. And Shirley was stuck with that.

However, she was lucky to have such a loving and creative husband. Any good chef will tell you that presentation is about as important as the food itself. Considering that Gat, Shirley’s husband, couldn’t change the dull ingredients, he decided to have a bit of fun with the presentation. And the result is amazing!

Apparently, it all started with funny faces out of eggs and toasts, but he quickly began to elaborate the scenes more and more. It all turned into the exciting adventures of the egg characters around the world: snowboarding, kung-fu fighting, the Olympics, snorkelling, parachuting, or even a tribute to the ‘Angry Birds’ iPod/iPad’s game.

We are gob-smacked at the details and creativity behind every breakfast, each telling a story about the little egg chaps. And it’s definitely helped Shirley through her difficult pregnancy!

You can view all 19 breakfasts here.

(Source: Neatorama)


One response to “The Sirivong’s amazing breakfasts

  1. Simply delightful! & wish you a happy healthy baby too!

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