BlackBerry PlayBook

We don’t really get the current tablet frenzy. We see iPads everywhere, and yes, they do look pretty good, but what’s wrong with a good old laptop or notebook? Some of them are just about the same size…

But entering the market soon is BlackBerry with their PlayBook, and well… to compete with the iPad, better have something good in stock, right? Good thing is, it looks like they do.

Not only is it the first professional tablet, but it’s also the fastest one to date, and features an HDMI port, a good news for all the game lovers out there, as it means a higher-quality and more immersive platform.

For the Blackberry afficionados, gaming is probably not the principal need this tablet will have to satisfy, but not to worry, BlackBerry didn’t lose their ‘professional’ mojo. The device allows multi-tasking, plenty of applications, and all the traditional goodies BlackBerry devices offer. It also has 2 cameras (one at the front, one at the back) which allow for conference calls between BlackBerry devices: making it an improved version of BlackBerry Messenger.

And as for its look? Well, it pretty much resembles all the other tablets on the market: it’s black and square.

(Source: TheCoolist)


2 responses to “BlackBerry PlayBook

  1. Tablet market continues to grow making companies compete to create, such as the RIM with Blackberry Playbook.

  2. this is so interesting…… am amaze by the tablet

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