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Garbage: Your bins got talent!

Gilles Eichenbaum is a very talented craftsman, we literally fell in love with his work. He transforms old, banal objects, from kettles to scales and toasters, into beautiful lamp shades by performing patterns and assembling other random objects to it.

It all started when he was travelling, and started building lamps with what was at hand, hence the use of everyday objects. Following the success of his work on flea markets, he decided to turn the hobby into a business, and voila!

Each piece is obviously unique, and it’s all recycling making his work even more special! He named it Garbage:  Your bins got talent! Each object are already quite beautiful and charming in themselves, as when we talk kettles and toasters, we mean antiques rather than modern.

He explains:

All this stuff cluttering your basement can be used again, another round… Today the memories they evoke shall pinch you. Or their revival makes you laugh and it’s just a lot.

Our favourite is the Le Creuzet perforated dish.

You can check out more of his work on his website.

(Source: Tree Hugger)


Reporters without Borders’ pen campaign

We like it when charities get a bit more creative regarding their advertising, and move away from the shocking images of torture, hunger, death and war. Reporters without Borders’ new campaign leaves it all to imagination.

The analogy with the pen is pretty clever, as the link is relatively clear with journalism, and so gets the message across effectively. Who would have thought pens could be so shocking?

The bloody pen is the most shocking: in any other context, it wouldn’t trigger feeling of horror and indignation.

It makes us want to look after our pens more. Silly uh?

(Source: Ads of the World)

Creative costumes and pumpkins for Halloween

Halloween is only a few days away, so time to get creative! Still struggling to find the perfect costume? Looking for pumpkin-carving ideas? Search no more, Neatorama and Urlesque have, respectively, compiled the best Halloween costumes and carved pumpkins. We selected a few that we think are simply amazing! We admire the effort put in every single one. The ideas themselves are very good, but executing them successfully isn’t always a given. These ones just don’t disappoint!

Some serious thinking outside the box!



This calls for wide doorways and high ceilings, or outdoor parties.



Silence of the Lambs, pumpkin style



No wonder Star Wars has always been a theme of choice for Halloween, Darth Vader is such a great villain! But these people have put some serious thinking into their outfits, using their disability/pregnancy as part of their costumes! And the pumpkins are amazingly done. The details of the Death Star has blown our minds. The second one makes Vader’s even more dramatic and scary.



Booze and candy don’t mix well together.



Rather easy to make, but Space Invader is always a winner.




We still can’t believe our eyes! And it will probably turn you into the star of the night! Better get some knee pads though, as it is most likely that someone with this costume would have to spend the night transforming to entertain the crowd.

We couldn’t fit all of them, so to look at some more that are equally amazing, visit Neatorama and Urlesque.

World’s largest gummy bears and worms

Have an insatiable sweet tooth? A bag or two of gummy candies cannot satisfy your cravings? Well, has the solution for you, as they sell gigantic versions of the popular candies.

First was the World’s Largest Gummy Bear, which weights about 5 pounds, the equivalent of 1,400 regular gummy bears!  And with 12,600 calories, better not eat the whole thing in one go, so it’s a good thing that it has a year long shelf life.

The enormous gummy bears must sell pretty well, as they have now introduced the World’s Largest Gummy Worm, which pretty much follows the same principle as the bear.

One gigantic worm is the equivalent of 128 average sized worms, is 26 inches long, and weights 3 pounds. A tad smaller than the bear then, but still 4,000 calories!

We guess they can be pretty good to impress guests at a party—the website suggests to serve it like turkey on a silver platter—but they could turn very dangerous in the hands of one person: they probably contain enough sugar to turn someone diabetic.

We must admit… we would love to have one in our hands, but it would probably put us off candy for the rest of our lives!


(Source: TrendHunter and

Nachos photoshoped on album covers

Did you know that yesterday was the International Day of Nachos? Not to worry, we didn’t either, and no, we are not joking.

To celebrate, a blog dedicated to Nachos decided to photoshop nachos on famous album covers, and the results are pretty cool and creative. We especially like the Pink Floyd one!

That’s one of the reason we love Photoshop, as such movements, where one item or person is photoshoped on about anything, end up getting people from around the globe involved, fiddling around with album covers, famous images, movie scenes, etc.

Another of our favourite was Cigar Guy, who became famous overnight after being noticed on a picture of Tiger Wood, despite the other hundred people who constituted the crowd. People went Photoshop crazy and started photoshoping his face on anything. And here again, people came up with pretty good collages!

(Source: urlesque and MSNBC)

Jewellery made of animal parts

Dr. Gunther von Hagens is a famous and very controversial anatomist, who invented plastination, a technique for preserving biological tissue specimens. For 15 years, he has exhibited real bodies in “Body Worlds”, attracting over 30 million visitors.

And his work is now available for your home, as you can purchase horizontal planes of a human head or a human heart online. Very disturbing, isn’t it? We can’t really see how a silicon specimen of a smoker’s pair of lungs actually looks good on someone’s coffee table.


What’s even more disturbing, is that they also make jewellery and accessorises out of animal parts. And when we say animal parts, we are talking slices of tail, penis, foot, and other random body bits. One word: ew.

But we have to say, they do not look anything like you would expect. They actually look genuinely good, but the thought of wearing a pendant made out of a bull’s penis and testis is not the most appealing. Plus, they are pretty expensive, which is understandable, as they are genuine body parts, treated in a way that conserve the tissues.

Visit this website to check out more wacky examples of how body parts can be turned into art/accessorises.


(Source: Nerdcore)

Leap into a leaf pile and… FOOMF!

The past week has been reasonably pleasant for a month of October, making us forget about the coming winter. But today was a harsh comeback to reality, with its typical autumn weather: wind, icy raindrops, and the night falling far too early. Goodbye summer (if we can even say we had one over here).

Autumn is, for sure, the season of nostalgia, as we know that days are getting shorter and colder, and summer is still so far away. But with autumn comes one good thing: the leaves. Yes they can become very slippery and dangerous, and sometimes hiding bad surprises, but they can also be gathered into appetising piles in which all we want to do is just leap and… FOOMF!

It might be hard for some to achieve, as it does require a large amount of leaves, so just watch this video. It made us feel all good inside, and wanting to run outside looking for the bestest leaf pile in London despite the bleak weather!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

(Source: urlesque)