Nike goes vampire

Buffy the Vampire Slayer might have been a hit, but the vampire fever really took off with Twilight and True Blood. Following the success of both franchises, many industries saw the opportunity to make money, and vampire related products started appearing everywhere. And now, advertising is jumping on the craze too.

There’s Nike snowboarding Dunks’ recent video, which we assume is probably a viral. It’s quite shocking, very graphic, and definitely left us a bit disturbed. Not for the light hearted.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

There’s also this advert for Sin, a Malaysian fashion line. Their campaign is based on references to fairytales and other fantasy stories. So it was only legitimate that one of them would feature a ‘blood sucker’.

We’re not big fans of either advert. The first one is far too creepy, which is obviously what Nike intended, playing the shock factor. But we’re sure it will do fine in terms of circulation. The second one is pretty boring: the whole vampire-glamorous combo isn’t really a fresh approach, especially now that vampires have infiltrated all industries.

(Source: Ads of the World and Nike)


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