A little gadget selection

We might be a little bit obsessed with design here at Baby. It’s not that most gadgets are particularly useful, but some are definitely very cool. And we are always amazed at how objects keep being redefined. Today we’ve stumbled upon some pretty cool gadgets that we like, all for different reasons.

First, there is Samsonite new baby: a suitcase that also works as a scooter. Or vice versa. Definitely something that could prove quite useful to businessmen whose lives are half-spent running from one airport terminal to another. We only wonder how practical it is to carry: the wheels, handlebars and all must be quite heavy. Well, we guess the whole point is to let it carry rather than the other way around, but probably not when stairs are involved.

Then there’s the 2 in 1 switch shaker, or how to make us even lazier. Press the button to swap between salt and pepper. But, we love the way it looks, and it would probably be quite fun to use!

At first, we weren’t sure what we were looking at. It looks a bit like storage of some sort. Turns out this is a pocket-sized, solar powered lamp. Perfect for camping in style, and no need for batteries!

Our favourite is this phone: the Nokia E-CU. We don’t think it looks that great, with it’s crackled-skin-like case, and its strange shape, but we love how it works. Unlike any other phone, it doesn’t get its juice from a plug, but from heat. Just stick it in your pocket or on a heater and you will never run out of battery. And that’s also good news for the environment.

(Source: NotCot here and here, TreeHugger, Dezeen)


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