Vespa to adopt a new look?

Designer Niklas Wagner has come up with a new design for Vespa scooters, and… well, it doesn’t look anything like the Vespas we know. It actually doesn’t even look like a scooter.

The new design is meant to attract the next-generation of riders, but it has lost all the Vespa charm! How disappointing.

We understand that they needed to freshen up the look a little, add a few gadgets and all for it to appeal to the technology addicts, but isn’t this pushing it  a bit too far? It has made us a little sad. Could you imagine Italian streets filled with scooters that look like props from The Fifth Element?

We couldn’t really find more information about the project on Google, and if it’s not on Google then it doesn’t exist! So we hope it’s only a potential design, and that Vespa is not going to bite it.

To be honest, it’s probably us being a bit old school. And if so, this scooter isn’t really targeted to us anyway.

(Source: The Design Blog)


One response to “Vespa to adopt a new look?

  1. I could actually see Vespa doing this – well except for that forkless front part. They seem to go through iterations of pretty drastic body style changes every few years.

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