Prague’s astrological tower clock’s mindblowing projection mapping

Ever heard of projection mapping? If your answer is no, this is going to blow your mind.

It is a technique that not only uses a specific building as a support for projection, but as integral part of the show.  Browsing through YouTube and Vimeo, you are likely to see plenty of them, and they rarely disappoint.

The lightning effects reinvent the supports bringing them to life. It is, in a way, some sort of enhanced cinema, but in a much more beautiful, impressive and dramatic way.

We’ve just stumbled upon this one, which transforms Prague’s astrological tower clock to commemorate its construction 600 years ago. And the result is magnificent!

It is increasingly used for advertising purposes, as they create amazing virals, on top of the obvious live success. We still try to understand how they manage to create such pieces of art. The secret recipe probably involves high tech gadgets, advanced softwares and a lot of time.


(Source: Zeutch)


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