Leap into a leaf pile and… FOOMF!

The past week has been reasonably pleasant for a month of October, making us forget about the coming winter. But today was a harsh comeback to reality, with its typical autumn weather: wind, icy raindrops, and the night falling far too early. Goodbye summer (if we can even say we had one over here).

Autumn is, for sure, the season of nostalgia, as we know that days are getting shorter and colder, and summer is still so far away. But with autumn comes one good thing: the leaves. Yes they can become very slippery and dangerous, and sometimes hiding bad surprises, but they can also be gathered into appetising piles in which all we want to do is just leap and… FOOMF!

It might be hard for some to achieve, as it does require a large amount of leaves, so just watch this video. It made us feel all good inside, and wanting to run outside looking for the bestest leaf pile in London despite the bleak weather!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

(Source: urlesque)


2 responses to “Leap into a leaf pile and… FOOMF!

  1. erm… why such negativity about our weather?
    Goodbye summer (if we can even say we had one over here).
    We had an INCREDIBLE summer. Always gets me riled up when, no matter what our weather, people remember it as shite. Simply ain’t the case!

  2. I would say that the end of spring, and first half of summer were lovely…. But as every year, by end of July, it just goes downhill, with only a few days that are worth remembering… It was especially disappointing because weather forecast kept predicting a great, hot, dry summer, which wasn’t the case. So it wasn’t the worst, but it wasn’t the best either.

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