Jewellery made of animal parts

Dr. Gunther von Hagens is a famous and very controversial anatomist, who invented plastination, a technique for preserving biological tissue specimens. For 15 years, he has exhibited real bodies in “Body Worlds”, attracting over 30 million visitors.

And his work is now available for your home, as you can purchase horizontal planes of a human head or a human heart online. Very disturbing, isn’t it? We can’t really see how a silicon specimen of a smoker’s pair of lungs actually looks good on someone’s coffee table.


What’s even more disturbing, is that they also make jewellery and accessorises out of animal parts. And when we say animal parts, we are talking slices of tail, penis, foot, and other random body bits. One word: ew.

But we have to say, they do not look anything like you would expect. They actually look genuinely good, but the thought of wearing a pendant made out of a bull’s penis and testis is not the most appealing. Plus, they are pretty expensive, which is understandable, as they are genuine body parts, treated in a way that conserve the tissues.

Visit this website to check out more wacky examples of how body parts can be turned into art/accessorises.


(Source: Nerdcore)


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