Nachos photoshoped on album covers

Did you know that yesterday was the International Day of Nachos? Not to worry, we didn’t either, and no, we are not joking.

To celebrate, a blog dedicated to Nachos decided to photoshop nachos on famous album covers, and the results are pretty cool and creative. We especially like the Pink Floyd one!

That’s one of the reason we love Photoshop, as such movements, where one item or person is photoshoped on about anything, end up getting people from around the globe involved, fiddling around with album covers, famous images, movie scenes, etc.

Another of our favourite was Cigar Guy, who became famous overnight after being noticed on a picture of Tiger Wood, despite the other hundred people who constituted the crowd. People went Photoshop crazy and started photoshoping his face on anything. And here again, people came up with pretty good collages!

(Source: urlesque and MSNBC)


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