World’s largest gummy bears and worms

Have an insatiable sweet tooth? A bag or two of gummy candies cannot satisfy your cravings? Well, has the solution for you, as they sell gigantic versions of the popular candies.

First was the World’s Largest Gummy Bear, which weights about 5 pounds, the equivalent of 1,400 regular gummy bears!  And with 12,600 calories, better not eat the whole thing in one go, so it’s a good thing that it has a year long shelf life.

The enormous gummy bears must sell pretty well, as they have now introduced the World’s Largest Gummy Worm, which pretty much follows the same principle as the bear.

One gigantic worm is the equivalent of 128 average sized worms, is 26 inches long, and weights 3 pounds. A tad smaller than the bear then, but still 4,000 calories!

We guess they can be pretty good to impress guests at a party—the website suggests to serve it like turkey on a silver platter—but they could turn very dangerous in the hands of one person: they probably contain enough sugar to turn someone diabetic.

We must admit… we would love to have one in our hands, but it would probably put us off candy for the rest of our lives!


(Source: TrendHunter and


2 responses to “World’s largest gummy bears and worms

  1. LOL this was created on my birthday!! 😀 Gummy bears pwn

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