Creative costumes and pumpkins for Halloween

Halloween is only a few days away, so time to get creative! Still struggling to find the perfect costume? Looking for pumpkin-carving ideas? Search no more, Neatorama and Urlesque have, respectively, compiled the best Halloween costumes and carved pumpkins. We selected a few that we think are simply amazing! We admire the effort put in every single one. The ideas themselves are very good, but executing them successfully isn’t always a given. These ones just don’t disappoint!

Some serious thinking outside the box!



This calls for wide doorways and high ceilings, or outdoor parties.



Silence of the Lambs, pumpkin style



No wonder Star Wars has always been a theme of choice for Halloween, Darth Vader is such a great villain! But these people have put some serious thinking into their outfits, using their disability/pregnancy as part of their costumes! And the pumpkins are amazingly done. The details of the Death Star has blown our minds. The second one makes Vader’s even more dramatic and scary.



Booze and candy don’t mix well together.



Rather easy to make, but Space Invader is always a winner.




We still can’t believe our eyes! And it will probably turn you into the star of the night! Better get some knee pads though, as it is most likely that someone with this costume would have to spend the night transforming to entertain the crowd.

We couldn’t fit all of them, so to look at some more that are equally amazing, visit Neatorama and Urlesque.


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