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Twitter for toddlers

Remember Twitter for dogs? We have a vague memory of a device created for dogs to Tweet. Something that, let’s face it, was pretty disturbing. There isn’t much that a dog could say. Well, the Twitter fever has struck again, and this time it is targeted at toddlers.

Two Finnish designers have hijacked a popular game, the Brio Shape sorting box, to create the IOBR box, a social networking platform for kids. Each shape corresponds to an activity – brushing teeth, sleeping, eating – and is fitted with a magnet. If a box is connected to another one, being of a friend or family, when the right shape is inserted in the right slot, it will show up on boxes connected to it, being of friends or family.

The designers argue that the box “can be used as a small game to motivate children to be more swift in their activities: ‘Let’s see if you are in bed before your friend.'”

We personally think it’s a bit creepy, and might get kids hooked on social networking, and other communication technologies much earlier than they already are.


(Source: Co.Design)


Airclad by Inflate

The London Based designer Inflate, which since 1995 provided inflatable temporary structures for events, is now opening the door of its market to the public, and we are very intrigued.

The concept, called Airclad, is basically that of a room that you can inflate when needed, and well… deflate when done. It could be used for various occasions. Expecting more guest than you can accommodate for? Want to be able to use that hot tub of yours, even on rainy days? Need a seasonal home? The Airclad is the solution. And not to worry, this is no improved tent. This is an actual room, with a solid structure made of wood and aluminium, insulation, etc. And it is also possible to include lighting and power points. It obviously needs a power source, but if it is used as a spare room or extension, the main house/building will provide for that.

It has many plus. On top of being easy to assemble and transport, it’s also super ecological. All the materials used can be recycled. And the fact that it can be re-used and transported for several occasions gives it extra credit in ‘green-ness’.


But as all things, it also presents a few ‘eeks’… Inflatable? Also quite fragile, to a certain extent. Anything sharp will obviously damage the structure. We’re sure there are ways to patch it up in case of such accidents, but still, probably not the best thing to find the room slowly deflating when relaxing in a hot tub.
And as all cool, green and practical products, it comes with a price: the average Airclad will cost £19,500. Quite an investment right? But when considering its multiple uses, such as a temporary extension, seasonal home, etc. it probably comes at a more reasonable price than all of those combined.

(Source: Tree Hugger and Airclad)


Make and melt your tableware

Dishes, plates, glasses and cutlery is always something you never have enough off. And during large dinner parties, it’s always a challenge to accomodate a large number of guests with matching plates and glasses, without resorting to using paper plates and plastic cuts. Not so classy. But someone has finally found a solution, and it’s brilliant!

What if you could melt and make your own as you please? A design student cleverly came up with wax dishes that you can make on the go, melt again and remake.

The set, called Meltware, is made of 3 stoneware pieces: a spoon, a bowl and a carafe. Seems a bit limited, but it actually gives you a fair amount of possibilities, as it allows you to manage the size of the dishes you are creating. So bowls, big bowls, plates, side dishes, big spoons, small spoons, it’s all possible, and it’s all up to you.

What’s even better is the fact you can just melt the whole thing off for storage, so as not to clutter your cupboards with 25 plates!

It sounds like a lot of fun to do as well, even though a bit of practice is probably needed before managing to make whole sets that are pretty consistent. But still, a good buy for Christmas! And you can then show off at your dinner party, calling yourself a true designer. How cool is that?

But obviously a few precautions have to be taken, such as not serving hot tea in one of those, as you’re pretty sure that the whole thing will melt away. But otherwise, perfect for a cold buffet!


(Source: Co.Design)

Art Eggcident

Art Eggcident, an art installation by artist Henk Hofstra, is made of 8 gigantic sunny side up eggs, along with smaller ones. The thinking behind this installation is rather straightforward: what would happen if God threw down giant eggs on Earth? So yes, the meaning here is pretty clear, something quite refreshing, we think, as it detaches itself from other forms of art (we’re mainly referring to abstract art) which sometimes require too much thinking and analyzing, making it unapprochable for some people.

We like how it looks from above, but we’re not so convinced when on the ground, with the main eggs being flat (which does happen when one messes up fried eggs). But we like the smaller ones, where the egg yolk sticks out, on which people can sit or lean.

The artist’s comments on the installation are also refreshing:

I hope it becomes a meeting place with room for art. Art that is different than a framed picture on the wall or a boring bronze sculpture. Art that shows us a different look, surprises us, or makes us angry or happy. Art that allows photographers to grab their cameras and arouses journalists. Art that evokes emotion, or provokes wild laughter.

This is an interesting perspective, as it shows that art is something much more dynamic and engaging nowadays, not that we do not enjoy more classical forms of art of course.

Unfortunately, this happened a while ago, back in 2008. We think they should have kept it as a permanent feature of the square!

(Source: My Modern Metropolis)

Hunger Pains – Wear what you crave

Food is pretty much Fashion’s anti-Christ. With models being skinnier than ever (with a few exceptions, as it has been seen on certain fashion shows) no wonder some of them have certain food cravings.

‘Hunger Pains’ is a series of outfits that have not only been inspired by, but actually designed using the ingredients composing the meal craved by selected models.

We find it pretty hilarious that apart from the artichoke dress, which by the way is absolutely beautiful, all other outfits are pretty much made of carbs, something that no models would go near. No wonder they crave food such as bread, pasta and brioche.

We find the execution very impressive, it has taken hours for each outfit to be cooked, created and assembled. The artichoke dress took 6 hours to make, as each leaf was individually attached to the model. But the result is blow minding.

And the meat on this one definitely reminds us of Lady Gaga’s meat dress, although it looks a little bit less disgusting.


(Source: My Modern Metropolis)

Absolut Vodka’s stylish bus stops

Absolut Vodka is reinforcing their status as a very cool brand by re-designing bus stops in Chicago. The starting point was som of their special products – Absolut Twist, Absolut Bloody and Absolut Lemon Drop – and their specific styles andpersonalities. From there, they developed the designs, not just for the posters, but for the entire bus stop, transforming them into some sorts of boudoirs.

It implied re-designing the whole bus stop, from covering it with posters, to painting the poles accordingly, changing the seats into matching chairs, and even planting lemon trees on the roof!

Each style represents the personality of each product pretty accurately. We definitely wouldn’t mind waiting for the bus at one of those, especially as some of the chairs look pretty comfortable.


(Source: Zeutch)

Dedo Message Board

Up to now, we have never seen a message board that looked aesthetically good, and was practical at the same time. But the Dedo Message Board has just changed all that. Instead of the usual chalk or dry pen, it uses fur. Fur? Yes, fur.

You know how you can draw patterns on certain fabrics, due to their ‘furriness’. Well that’s basically what that is: a very furry board, on which you can draw and write with your fingers. Pretty practical, as chalk tends to leave dust everywhere, pens stain, and well, the writings never really look that great.

Whereas this one is very pleasing to the eye, making basic drawings look super cool and arty, and easy to erase! And well… it also feel quite nice to write on it, rather than the screechy sound of chalk on a blackboard, or squeaky dry pens.

We personally love it, and think it would look great in our office to manage the workload in style!


(Source: Trend Hunter)