The BRIT awards get a fresh new look

We are getting really excited by the re-branding work conducted by Music for the BRIT Awards. Their approach is really interesting: rather than re-designing the trophy entirely, which would then be fixed for the next few years, they have decided to strip it down, so as to give the opportunity to famous designers or artists to dress it again, giving it a fresh look every year!

Its new shape, made of porcelain, is very modern and silk, and we love it even when plain! But what’s even more exciting is that for this year’s awards, they got Vivienne Westwood to dress the trophy. The sketch of it looks great and we can wait to see it finished!

The homepage of their website is obviously dedicated to their success in winning the pitch, and they’ve done so in a cool and engaging way: a list of the different stages of the pitch process, and what followed. And some of them are linked to online news articles referring to their work. An interesting way to brag about their success, but who can blame them? Their concept is actually great, and they deserved the attention!

(Source: Creative Review)


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