Dedo Message Board

Up to now, we have never seen a message board that looked aesthetically good, and was practical at the same time. But the Dedo Message Board has just changed all that. Instead of the usual chalk or dry pen, it uses fur. Fur? Yes, fur.

You know how you can draw patterns on certain fabrics, due to their ‘furriness’. Well that’s basically what that is: a very furry board, on which you can draw and write with your fingers. Pretty practical, as chalk tends to leave dust everywhere, pens stain, and well, the writings never really look that great.

Whereas this one is very pleasing to the eye, making basic drawings look super cool and arty, and easy to erase! And well… it also feel quite nice to write on it, rather than the screechy sound of chalk on a blackboard, or squeaky dry pens.

We personally love it, and think it would look great in our office to manage the workload in style!


(Source: Trend Hunter)



3 responses to “Dedo Message Board

  1. A verry good mesage board and the cat really fits in!

  2. You’re totally correct on this piece

  3. This could be the greatest blog I have ever seen

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