Absolut Vodka’s stylish bus stops

Absolut Vodka is reinforcing their status as a very cool brand by re-designing bus stops in Chicago. The starting point was som of their special products – Absolut Twist, Absolut Bloody and Absolut Lemon Drop – and their specific styles andpersonalities. From there, they developed the designs, not just for the posters, but for the entire bus stop, transforming them into some sorts of boudoirs.

It implied re-designing the whole bus stop, from covering it with posters, to painting the poles accordingly, changing the seats into matching chairs, and even planting lemon trees on the roof!

Each style represents the personality of each product pretty accurately. We definitely wouldn’t mind waiting for the bus at one of those, especially as some of the chairs look pretty comfortable.


(Source: Zeutch)


One response to “Absolut Vodka’s stylish bus stops

  1. makes me want to drink alchoholic beverages

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