Hunger Pains – Wear what you crave

Food is pretty much Fashion’s anti-Christ. With models being skinnier than ever (with a few exceptions, as it has been seen on certain fashion shows) no wonder some of them have certain food cravings.

‘Hunger Pains’ is a series of outfits that have not only been inspired by, but actually designed using the ingredients composing the meal craved by selected models.

We find it pretty hilarious that apart from the artichoke dress, which by the way is absolutely beautiful, all other outfits are pretty much made of carbs, something that no models would go near. No wonder they crave food such as bread, pasta and brioche.

We find the execution very impressive, it has taken hours for each outfit to be cooked, created and assembled. The artichoke dress took 6 hours to make, as each leaf was individually attached to the model. But the result is blow minding.

And the meat on this one definitely reminds us of Lady Gaga’s meat dress, although it looks a little bit less disgusting.


(Source: My Modern Metropolis)


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