Art Eggcident

Art Eggcident, an art installation by artist Henk Hofstra, is made of 8 gigantic sunny side up eggs, along with smaller ones. The thinking behind this installation is rather straightforward: what would happen if God threw down giant eggs on Earth? So yes, the meaning here is pretty clear, something quite refreshing, we think, as it detaches itself from other forms of art (we’re mainly referring to abstract art) which sometimes require too much thinking and analyzing, making it unapprochable for some people.

We like how it looks from above, but we’re not so convinced when on the ground, with the main eggs being flat (which does happen when one messes up fried eggs). But we like the smaller ones, where the egg yolk sticks out, on which people can sit or lean.

The artist’s comments on the installation are also refreshing:

I hope it becomes a meeting place with room for art. Art that is different than a framed picture on the wall or a boring bronze sculpture. Art that shows us a different look, surprises us, or makes us angry or happy. Art that allows photographers to grab their cameras and arouses journalists. Art that evokes emotion, or provokes wild laughter.

This is an interesting perspective, as it shows that art is something much more dynamic and engaging nowadays, not that we do not enjoy more classical forms of art of course.

Unfortunately, this happened a while ago, back in 2008. We think they should have kept it as a permanent feature of the square!

(Source: My Modern Metropolis)


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