Make and melt your tableware

Dishes, plates, glasses and cutlery is always something you never have enough off. And during large dinner parties, it’s always a challenge to accomodate a large number of guests with matching plates and glasses, without resorting to using paper plates and plastic cuts. Not so classy. But someone has finally found a solution, and it’s brilliant!

What if you could melt and make your own as you please? A design student cleverly came up with wax dishes that you can make on the go, melt again and remake.

The set, called Meltware, is made of 3 stoneware pieces: a spoon, a bowl and a carafe. Seems a bit limited, but it actually gives you a fair amount of possibilities, as it allows you to manage the size of the dishes you are creating. So bowls, big bowls, plates, side dishes, big spoons, small spoons, it’s all possible, and it’s all up to you.

What’s even better is the fact you can just melt the whole thing off for storage, so as not to clutter your cupboards with 25 plates!

It sounds like a lot of fun to do as well, even though a bit of practice is probably needed before managing to make whole sets that are pretty consistent. But still, a good buy for Christmas! And you can then show off at your dinner party, calling yourself a true designer. How cool is that?

But obviously a few precautions have to be taken, such as not serving hot tea in one of those, as you’re pretty sure that the whole thing will melt away. But otherwise, perfect for a cold buffet!


(Source: Co.Design)


One response to “Make and melt your tableware

  1. this is sooooooo stupid I wouldn’t dare use it, I mean melted cups ?? soooo last year.

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