Airclad by Inflate

The London Based designer Inflate, which since 1995 provided inflatable temporary structures for events, is now opening the door of its market to the public, and we are very intrigued.

The concept, called Airclad, is basically that of a room that you can inflate when needed, and well… deflate when done. It could be used for various occasions. Expecting more guest than you can accommodate for? Want to be able to use that hot tub of yours, even on rainy days? Need a seasonal home? The Airclad is the solution. And not to worry, this is no improved tent. This is an actual room, with a solid structure made of wood and aluminium, insulation, etc. And it is also possible to include lighting and power points. It obviously needs a power source, but if it is used as a spare room or extension, the main house/building will provide for that.

It has many plus. On top of being easy to assemble and transport, it’s also super ecological. All the materials used can be recycled. And the fact that it can be re-used and transported for several occasions gives it extra credit in ‘green-ness’.


But as all things, it also presents a few ‘eeks’… Inflatable? Also quite fragile, to a certain extent. Anything sharp will obviously damage the structure. We’re sure there are ways to patch it up in case of such accidents, but still, probably not the best thing to find the room slowly deflating when relaxing in a hot tub.
And as all cool, green and practical products, it comes with a price: the average Airclad will cost £19,500. Quite an investment right? But when considering its multiple uses, such as a temporary extension, seasonal home, etc. it probably comes at a more reasonable price than all of those combined.

(Source: Tree Hugger and Airclad)



One response to “Airclad by Inflate

  1. Great overview of what this could be, but I have a few questions:
    1- Have these been installed anywhere in the US?
    2- How temporary can they be, what is the time to assemble or take down?
    3- Is this UL listed in the US for safety?
    4- Is it fire rated, or is any of it fire resistant?

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