Twitter for toddlers

Remember Twitter for dogs? We have a vague memory of a device created for dogs to Tweet. Something that, let’s face it, was pretty disturbing. There isn’t much that a dog could say. Well, the Twitter fever has struck again, and this time it is targeted at toddlers.

Two Finnish designers have hijacked a popular game, the Brio Shape sorting box, to create the IOBR box, a social networking platform for kids. Each shape corresponds to an activity – brushing teeth, sleeping, eating – and is fitted with a magnet. If a box is connected to another one, being of a friend or family, when the right shape is inserted in the right slot, it will show up on boxes connected to it, being of friends or family.

The designers argue that the box “can be used as a small game to motivate children to be more swift in their activities: ‘Let’s see if you are in bed before your friend.'”

We personally think it’s a bit creepy, and might get kids hooked on social networking, and other communication technologies much earlier than they already are.


(Source: Co.Design)


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