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Merry Christmas from Baby!

Two days to go to Christmas! Unfortunately this means we shall be off enjoying the holidays, and will only be reporting back in the new year, probably a few pounds heavier after all the over-eating that goes with Christmas.

The whole team is wishing everyone a very happy Christmas and new year.We are very much looking forward to 2011, as it looks like it will be filled with a lot of excitement and opportunities, and we are wishing everyone out there the same.

Here is a little something we found online we thought was very clever and amusing: the Santa Brand Book by the Quietroom.

Enjoy and see you all in 2011!


With Christmas round the corner, most people should have their Christmas tree decorated and lit up. But in case of tree shortage, here is a nice alternative.

Build your own Christmas tree with decorations! We tried to read through the process, and it sounded utterly complicated, but the result is simply fantastic!

It looks really modern, and even though it might sound tacky on paper, the result is actually very stylish.

So if you’re done with Christmas shopping and have a fair amount of time and ornaments to spend in the next couple of days, give it a go! Follow this link for a how to.

(Source: not martha)

A2591 strips brands down

Design firm A2591 has offered an interesting take on popular brands’ packaging, from Nutella to Mr. Muscle.

Their philosophy is very similar to ours: simple sells. These products that we know so well, however, are all but simple: logos are overshadowed by pictures, bright colours, text, etc.

They thus decided to strip packaging down, getting rid of the not-so-essential parts, and keeping… well pretty much logo and background.

Result is great for most of them, especially Lindt, which ends up looking more upmarket than the actual packaging. We’re sure this would work pretty well.

Minimal is good, and it’s something Corn Flakes, etc, might want to consider? Any favourites?

(Source:  A2591)

New Facebook layout is great!

Facebook has once again changed its interface. This was obviously quickly followed by a few moans from unhappy users, but they will eventually get used to it.It is true that as always, the ‘new’ Facebook seems a bit confusing. Buttons have been shuffled, you can see people’s ‘friendships’, photos have invaded every part of the page, etc.

But it also comes with a lot of creative potential thanks to the new feature where 5 pictures are displayed at the top of each profile. We are not going to start a long explanation on what people can now do, just see for yourselves.

We personally love it, and would like to think we could come up with one, but we’re pretty sure it’s not an easy and quick job. Rather the opposite. We would say it requires a lot of time, precision, and patience. And we’re a tad too busy to spare any of them. We’re just going to look out for more and admire the work.

We are thinking this will make its way to online campaigns pretty soon, as it would be a great way to customise pages, and get users to engage more.

(Source: The Drum)

Sour are next to try an interactive music video

Arcade Fire interactive online video blew our minds, along with plenty others around the Internet, a few months back, remember?

Well we’re surprised the music industry waited that long to follow their steps. Our guess would be that they set the bar pretty high, and there is little room for mediocrity. Plus, it probably is much more time and money consuming to produce.

But Sour, a Japanese band, gave it a try, and we must say… it’s a pretty good one. There’s little room for disappointment.

They used the same magic formula – pop ups invading the screen and various personal information pulled from the Internet – but pushed it a tad more.

Where Arcade Fire’s video was only based on information supplied by the user and StreetView, this one uses Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google, LinkedIn etc. etc. All based on what can actually be found about you online.

The result is pretty impressive, but also quite scary. Seeing the amount of information we keep on our Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter profiles, and how easily it is to get access to this information using Google, startled us a bit.

It’s one thing to know how information rich the Internet is – and let’s face it, it’s not just news and other bits of information, but also a lot of personal stuff – but it’s another one to see it in action when you’re not really in control of the flow.

Still, we appreciate the effort put in the video, and rather liked it. We’re not too fond of the song though.

To get your own personal version, filled with your very own Facebook pictures and Twitter profile just go here.

(Source: Creative Review)


Pikachu fever

Remember the Pokemons? Well, we sort of forgot about them. We thought they had been replaced by more recent phenomenons like… Justin Bieber and Angry Birds. Turns out Pokemons are still relevant in today’s culture, and especially Pikachu, with plenty of derived products. Here are a few of our favourite (and craziest) ones.

First, there’s the school bus. Can you imagine being a kid and being picked up by a giant Pikachu? Would probably be the most awesome thing ever!

Very similar to it, but for people affected by the Peter Pan syndrome (aka once a kid, always a kid), there’s the Pikachu car. Tacky and geeky…

There’s also this “theremin-esque Pikachu statue”, which is pretty much a talking Pikachu. Pretty standard as merchandising. But someone had the brilliant idea to get 12 of them and turn them into an orchestra. Press play and prepare to cringe.

For the hardcore female gamers (we doubt guys would every wear such thing), there are the Yellow Gameboy shoes with Pikachu. Platforms are already pretty dodgy to walk with, adding a Gameboy on the side probably doesn’t help the process.

Finally, there is the real live Pikachu! And they are so cute, but pretty pricey. Yes, the gentleman who caught them, and put them for sale on Yahoo! demands 99,000,002,805,760 yen (over $900 million) for one. Pretty expensive for a… Mouse?

If you haven’t had enough of yellow for a day, there’s more here.

Look around, nature is watching you

We’ve come across these pictures, and they are adorable. We love the concept.

Russian artist Evgeny Dobrovinsky wanders around Sokolniki Park in Moscow to find shapes that resemble human or animal faces, and places fake eyeballs on them to complete the picture.

We are impressed by the level of resemblance, especially with the shadow ones. He’s got a good flair for it! And we’re pretty sure it’s not him projecting his shadow, but it’s all nature’s work.

This one looks like a ghost out of Pacman.

Where this one looks super evil. Gave us the creeps.

We are are definitely going to keep an eye on his work (no pun intended), and when the snow is back (which is rather probable), we might wander around Hyde Park and give it a shot.

(Source: My Modern Met)