Pikachu fever

Remember the Pokemons? Well, we sort of forgot about them. We thought they had been replaced by more recent phenomenons like… Justin Bieber and Angry Birds. Turns out Pokemons are still relevant in today’s culture, and especially Pikachu, with plenty of derived products. Here are a few of our favourite (and craziest) ones.

First, there’s the school bus. Can you imagine being a kid and being picked up by a giant Pikachu? Would probably be the most awesome thing ever!

Very similar to it, but for people affected by the Peter Pan syndrome (aka once a kid, always a kid), there’s the Pikachu car. Tacky and geeky…

There’s also this “theremin-esque Pikachu statue”, which is pretty much a talking Pikachu. Pretty standard as merchandising. But someone had the brilliant idea to get 12 of them and turn them into an orchestra. Press play and prepare to cringe.

For the hardcore female gamers (we doubt guys would every wear such thing), there are the Yellow Gameboy shoes with Pikachu. Platforms are already pretty dodgy to walk with, adding a Gameboy on the side probably doesn’t help the process.

Finally, there is the real live Pikachu! And they are so cute, but pretty pricey. Yes, the gentleman who caught them, and put them for sale on Yahoo! demands 99,000,002,805,760 yen (over $900 million) for one. Pretty expensive for a… Mouse?

If you haven’t had enough of yellow for a day, there’s more here.


2 responses to “Pikachu fever

  1. Very expensive. I have no idea that they really exists!

  2. Where can I get a pet pikachu for free

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