Sour are next to try an interactive music video

Arcade Fire interactive online video blew our minds, along with plenty others around the Internet, a few months back, remember?

Well we’re surprised the music industry waited that long to follow their steps. Our guess would be that they set the bar pretty high, and there is little room for mediocrity. Plus, it probably is much more time and money consuming to produce.

But Sour, a Japanese band, gave it a try, and we must say… it’s a pretty good one. There’s little room for disappointment.

They used the same magic formula – pop ups invading the screen and various personal information pulled from the Internet – but pushed it a tad more.

Where Arcade Fire’s video was only based on information supplied by the user and StreetView, this one uses Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google, LinkedIn etc. etc. All based on what can actually be found about you online.

The result is pretty impressive, but also quite scary. Seeing the amount of information we keep on our Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter profiles, and how easily it is to get access to this information using Google, startled us a bit.

It’s one thing to know how information rich the Internet is – and let’s face it, it’s not just news and other bits of information, but also a lot of personal stuff – but it’s another one to see it in action when you’re not really in control of the flow.

Still, we appreciate the effort put in the video, and rather liked it. We’re not too fond of the song though.

To get your own personal version, filled with your very own Facebook pictures and Twitter profile just go here.

(Source: Creative Review)



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