New Facebook layout is great!

Facebook has once again changed its interface. This was obviously quickly followed by a few moans from unhappy users, but they will eventually get used to it.It is true that as always, the ‘new’ Facebook seems a bit confusing. Buttons have been shuffled, you can see people’s ‘friendships’, photos have invaded every part of the page, etc.

But it also comes with a lot of creative potential thanks to the new feature where 5 pictures are displayed at the top of each profile. We are not going to start a long explanation on what people can now do, just see for yourselves.

We personally love it, and would like to think we could come up with one, but we’re pretty sure it’s not an easy and quick job. Rather the opposite. We would say it requires a lot of time, precision, and patience. And we’re a tad too busy to spare any of them. We’re just going to look out for more and admire the work.

We are thinking this will make its way to online campaigns pretty soon, as it would be a great way to customise pages, and get users to engage more.

(Source: The Drum)


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