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BottomsUP beer

Have you ever found yourself waiting and waiting at a festival or sport event bar, just to get a nice, fresh pint? We have, and when there is so much happening around, it’s the last place you want to be stuck in (with toilet queues).

Pouring a pint takes time, about 30 seconds, and usually results in quite a lot of waste: getting the head right can sometimes be a bit of a challenge.

But someone in America has come up with a genius idea. What if instead of pouring a beer, you filled the glass from the bottom, which would solve the head and waste issue? The question is how.

Well, the way this system works, is with plastic cup, and a magnet which fills the hole at the bottom of the glass. When you remove the glass from the tap, it pulls the magnet to the bottom of the glass, and with the pressure from the liquid, the magnet stays in place, sealing the glass.

And on top of that, it pours a pint in about 5 seconds. Saves time, avoids waste, which keeps customers and bar tenders happy. A revolution for any future big event.

We’re just not too sure about the magnet waste though. And does it actually save more money, than traditional taps?

(Source: Youtube)


Faber-Castell ad campaign

Here is a brilliant ad campaign for the pencil-maker giant Faber-Castell.

We love the concept, it’s very clever and fun. And it makes pencils more exciting than they actually are.

And it works very well with the shark.

Plus the dog is very cute.

(Source: Ads of the World)

Double USB port to make our life a little bit easier

Isn’t it annoying when you’re in a rush and have to upload something on a memory stick, but you can’t seem to be able to find the right side to insert it? This is one of many little frustrations of every day life.

So how to avoid it? Design a USB port that only has right sides, no wrong, by integrating two contact layers that can slide to make room according to the way you insert it. Why didn’t someone think of that before?

However, is it something that we really need? Yes, it is frustrating, but isn’t showing we are getting lazier, and cannot cope with problems anymore? Even the smallest ones, that are actually more inconviences than actual problems?

(Source: Dvice)

What you didn’t know about the US

Neatorama was today a tad obsessed with the US. They posted two maps, each with a different take on the states.

The first one focuses on the thing each state is worst at: from cocaine use to nerdism, it’s all there. Have a look:

The other one is more serious, as based on economy, where states are compared to other countries in terms of their GDP and population. Apparently California is the equivalent of Italy! Check the interactive map here.

(Source: Neatorama 1 and 2)

Space hopping through Venice

We found this great stop motion video of two people space hopping through the beautiful streets of Venice. They have edited it so that it looks like they are hovering, rather than bouncing through the street. At one point, it looks like one of them is considering jumping of the street into the water. We were rather disapointed he didn’t!

It must have been quite entertaining to shoot, but we can’t imagine the amount of editing behind it! It put a smile on out face on this grim Monday. And made us want to escape to Venice, space hopper in hand!

(Source: Neatorama)


The Line Phone

We might appear a bit phone obsessed, as this will be the second post this week about mobile phones, but this is potentially one of the coolest thing we’ve seen this year – there’s probably going to be many more to come. After all, it’s only January.

It’s only at a conceptual stage, and we’re not sure  current technological means would allow such a phone to be produced yet, especially for it to be sold at a somewhat reasonable price. But if it was to be, one day, I guess we could kiss bye bye to the iPhone, because the Line Phone, as it’s called, beats it in terms of design and interactivity. As opposed to any touch-screen phone you’d be able to find on the market today, this one doesn’t restrict the tactile control to the screen: the sides of the phone are also used as controllers, and no buttons involved, and that’s not all. Putting the phones next to each other would allow sharing to be very easy, just slide files from one to another, and… transfer complete!

They can also turn into some sort of a screen to play video games. However, why would you own 6 of these phones so that you can play games or watch a movie? That we don’t really get though. Why not just get a screen?

But the fact is if this phone was to be, it would be a killer.

Watch the video to see what the future might hold for us.

(Source: TNW)

T-Mobile Sidekick to come back!

Do you remember the Sidekick? It was the phone that all respectable teenager from American TV shows (think the OC) would carry around at all time. It was the phone where the keyboard would be uncovered when flicking the screen. We’re also pretty sure that Paris Hilton had one encrusted with diamonds, and her address book was leaked on the Internet when she got it stolen. Does it ring a bell now?

The Sidekick didn’t survive the smartphone rush though, and was removed from the market last July. It was often said to be the precursor to the iPhone: it had the apps, a chat, and was all about sharing. Then the iPhone became the new must-have, and obviously the Sidekick couldn’t keep up.

The people at T-Mobile didn’t spend the last 6 months resting, trying to turn the page on the decline of what was once the greatest phone in the world. Instead, they were scheming to get the phone back on the market. Android will run on the phone, be 4G and we can expect the usual apps, such as Facebook, ebay, weather forecast, etc. It needs such features to maybe, be able to make it against all other competitors, in a crammed market, but even then, we doubt it will make it.

(Source: Dvice)